October 31, 2017
Anonymous Story

कुछ अधूरी सी अनकही सी बात

बात उन दिनों की है जब मैं फ़रीदाबाद में अपने भाई और भाभी के साथ रहता था। मैं उस समय ओखला में नौकरी करता था। […]
September 13, 2017
how to keep kids away from Drugs

How to Keep Kids away from Drugs

DRUGS!!! Keep away from my Child!!! As I was sitting and sipping my tea going through the newspapers, the headlines caught my attention —Drugs and […]
September 7, 2017

5 things I’ve learned as I turn 34

It’s that time of the year again when I start getting birthday blues. Yes, you read it right. I, indeed get birthday blues. Turning 34 […]
August 5, 2017

Breastfeeding-My Story

While trolling Facebook today, I got to know that people are celebrating the week as Breastfeeding Week. So, I thought of sharing my breastfeeding journey […]
August 1, 2017
Movie Mania in Kids

When My 12 Yr Says ‘Sabko Aati Nahi…Meri Jati Nahi’

Being a mother of growing child need lots of patience and perseverance. The teen tantrums was about to surprise me,this time with a twist. Here […]
August 1, 2017
One Life

One Life, Live for Yourself

Riya was one young and vibrant girl. She was just 16 years old and was very ambitious. From the very young age she has seen […]
July 27, 2017
A mother's intuition-Don't ignore it

A mother’s intuition-Don’t ignore it!

When I became a mother, my joy knew no bounds. Looking down at my son, while I held him gingerly, trying not to wince from […]
July 25, 2017
Girl in Blue You made us All Proud

Girl in Blue You made us All Proud

In a country where cricket is a religion and cricketers are treated as God, there still are people like me who do not have any […]
June 30, 2017
Refuse Abuse


Refuse abuse, warn the person from starting for your dignity. Abuse can be physical sexual emotional and so on. It’s a type of domestic violence […]
June 24, 2017


HAPPINESS  is like a Butterfly;  the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, […]
June 18, 2017
Father's Day Special

Father’s Day Special

Father’s Day Special To daddy, with love Dear Papa, Right from my childhood, I have seen you waking up at 5 o’ clock and starting […]
June 18, 2017
What I learned From My Father

What I learned From My Father

My father lived an ordinary life, but he died an extraordinary man because of that. Being ambitious is not something that I learned from him. […]